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[S1E2] Best Friend, For Never

Peacemaker gets scared and begins to argue with Vigilante annoyed that he was spying on him while trying not to look at him thinking that he was showing his penis. Vigilante convinces him to see him and asks why he was crying, to which Peacemaker lies saying that he did face exercises. Adebayo later comes to the Calcaterra apartment to bribe them. Vigilante enters Peacemaker's house and asks him how he got out of prison and then asks why he said he wasn't his best friend, shortly after Peacemaker ends up revealing that he was on a government mission to kill people, however he begins to feel wrong for killing them, so Vigilante tries to comfort him and convinces him to go out and celebrate his release from prison.

[S1E2] Best Friend, for Never

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Should Daemon succeed, that will leave Viserys, who has already alienated his daughter by marrying her best friend, with even fewer allies. It will also ensure a key member of his small council will have a vested interest in placing the king's spurned brother on the throne.

They get to talking about the suicide and Ross shares that he thinks it's worrisome that almost everyone has loans through Malfoy and his Slytherin relative. Ross' uncle is not worried because Malfoy is Backstabber Cousin's best friend, which makes a lot of sense. Ross invites Verity over (maybe he plans to hire her too?), but his uncle quickly shuts down their hangout. She apparently needs to stay home to pour his cream and wipe his butt. #JusticeforVerity!

But which girl is offering us the most accurate version of events? Wounded Hannah would have every reason to snipe about her former best friend, while Jessica, who's clearly being eaten up by something she's heard, could be shifting the blame away from herself and her boyfriend - who just so happens to be the subject of episode one. 041b061a72

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